Events and Companies


Attention to details is your business card, it is all in surprising your customers and / or investors. We have been always offering floral sets and furnishing solutions for:

Conventions & congresses
Receptions, confenence rooms etc setting up
Setting up for Christmas holidays
Fashion shows
Launch of products
Exhibition stands and showrooms setting up
Exposures and e photographic exhibitions
Photo shooting
Corporate dinners and lunches
Green solutions for companies and offices
Shop windows design and setting up
Flowers and compositions supply for offices, companies and shops
Personalized agreements,special discounts for members and employees of the affilated company

The professional consultancy service includes inspection, design, installation and set-up, delivery and pickup.

Signorelli for Sisley

Fittings - Showcases - Events

Setting up for Christmas holidays

Green Furniture for Companies and Offices


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